I was eighteen years old and didn’t know myself. I didn’t understand what co-dependency was. I was insecure, constantly had negative thoughts, and felt like if I lost my girlfriend at the time, I would physically and emotionally suffocate. To say the least, the feeling within wasn’t fun. On the outside, I smiled and kept my head up. Everyone thought I was ok, except myself. The same story repeated itself until I turned twenty four and experienced what I felt was the deepest pain and worst night of my life. That moment, experience, and night turned out to actually be my biggest blessing, my deepest awakening.

       Hi, my name is Armon Anderson and I am             Mr Self Love.


I am a self love and relationship expert. 



I teach Men and Women how to reclaim ownership of their lives by guiding them through a process of self discovery, offering new perspectives to expand understanding, and empowering them to ultimately learn what it means to fully love themselves.

At the core of my work is my love for people. I am driven by my understanding that with increased self awareness and respect, people are able to make better decisions that facilitate self love and personal growth. I believe this among other things allows for true peace of mind to be actualized. Mr Self Love gives ordinary people a fresh perspective on coping with everyday trivialities, heartbreak, and so much more. I help people rebuild their sense of self, and offer insights and guiding principles that are essential to this self actualization process. My mission and purpose is to give a voice to those who have lost their confidence, empower those who feel hopeless, give new energy to those who feel defeated, and most of all change the way every single person values themselves. Mr Self Love is more than a brand, it is my calling. Remember life happens for us not to us, and I am here to show you how you can go from where you are to where you want to be. I am Mr Self Love, and I am here to tell you, all things are possible with a little self love.


I desire to teach you to live a fulfilled life, which means creating a healthy body, mind, and finances to truly have peace of mind in this beautiful life we have been given.